Capturing the light.

Light of Matterhorn

Matterhorn is the most beautiful mountain in Europe.  To emerge yourself in it, it is a magical feeling.

On the Christmas day of 2016, I woke up early to catch the sunrise from the town called Zermatt.  Zermatt does not allow visitor’s cars.  To get to it, you need to catch a train to Zermatt, and usually your hotel can send a cab to pick you up.  It is a small town, filled with beautiful small houses on the hill.

“Sometimes you need to try your luck.  You know it: luck is made by you”.

When I checked in Zermatt the night before, I’ve got a natural feeling that the next morning will be great.  I had this feeling too many times, from Hawaii’s Queen’s Bath, to Half Moon Bay’s Martin Beach. It’s hard not to think so as I traveled so far alone to do this on a Christmas day.

The cab arrived almost on time.  He took me to a little hill on the other side of the town: It was a challenge to communicate the ideal location to the locals.  I had to walk into an art gallery to ask them and got the exact location I wanted.  To the locals, they thought every spot is a beautiful spot.  🙂

The first time I got to the hill, I realized that I did not bring the right lens: I needed a wide angle lens as the mountain is right in front of me.  I had to call the cab company to chase the driver to come back and get me.  Good thing is the town is small.  He is back in no time.  But the round trip to the hotel eats about 20 minutes, and I think I was left about 5 minutes before the burning cloud to show up.  But I got it!

A well spent Christmas.