Capturing the light.


Photography . Creative . Expression

I started photography with a web site,, back in 2002.  Since then, I’ve developed a unique appreciation of style and lighting. Over 10 years of investing time to help and interact with fellow photographers all over the world on photozo, I became to understand what photography meant for each soul – each is different within his/her own environment, and all have their best and most beautiful inner world.  My dream is to capture this environment and the soul.

My Philosophy

Technically, all my photographs place a great deal at lighting and light quality.  I capture the images that are rich in color and tones, the ones that people can truly emerge themselves in, appreciating what life offers. My photography style is more of modern Impressionist.  I try to create artistic photos.  A great artist/painter took the initiatives to coach me and encourage me to continue with my full creativity and freedom.  He described my style of photography as “never seen before” “break through the rules” and “unique style”.  I think, and do challenge myself, on every photo shoot to get the new discovery.

“With light, I capture the best artistic moment”