Capturing the light.

Going to Iceland: Kirkjufell

How many of you have fantasized over visiting the infamous Kirkjufell church-shaped mountain with Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall? While enroute from Switzerland to San Francisco, I stopped in Iceland for one night and one day.  Imaging of the northern light, I decided to leave my comfortable Hilton hotel at the middle of the night like 10pm, and drove about 4 hours to this place.  The GPS somehow routed me to a prison that actually feels pretty chill with the complete darkness and strong wind.  I finally managed to find the spot, and found a small hotel that took me in.  The next morning I joined about a dozen photographers from all over the place, and just took in the incredible view, watching the sun going up and vast Iceland landscape.

This was taken by 28mm lens.  Wider lens would be even better.  The scenic views along the drive is out of this world.