Capturing the light.

Bali: the Infinity Pool Dream…

Munduk Moding Plantation is a piece of dream land that we got to visit in the middle of our trip.  It is claimed to be heavenly.  People from all over the world come here to pose for photography, whether it is yoga, swimming, or diving…  The view of the pool stretches into endless sky full of golden color is a magical view to behold.

Here is a small collection that I shot during my short stay.  Can you see me in the pool? 🙂


This resort has only about a dozen rooms, but each of them is like honeymoon suite that is so cozy, charming and surreal.  Once you settle in, you almost feel everything disappear around you except the endless view of greens and colorful sunrise and sunset.  The restaurant that overlooks the infinity pool is highly recommended.  You can request a table on the 2nd floor with higher view which offers a unique perspective.  I saw photos that occasionally special guests are served the meal in the pool!  They also offers cultural dance on some days of the week.